Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Convention 2016 - Takeouts

Another conference done and dusted, and surprisingly enough, this one wasn't a junket.  It was full of workshops, guest speakers and idea swapping.  Of course, we had to be fed, luckily to Sydneysider standards, not the country style steak and chips that I'm used to, so there were a few dinners.  But I digress. 

A big focus of convention this year was the need for holistic planning and why this is so important to clients, as well as assisting us as firms. At Achieveit Financial Planning we have always focused on holistic planning, but the emphasis was actually on holistic planning from the client's perspective.  After all, we know what we know, but a client doesn't.  We need to work at communicating this with our client and our prospective clients.  Letting the client know what will be, and has been, considered will demonstrate the value of the advice provided.  As advisers, we are aware of the different ways we can assist in achieving our client's goals, but communication of this to the client involved is key.

Technically, the workshops were great.  We went over current proposed legislation and the effect on Self Managed Superannuation Funds including changes to segregation and CGT and the revised non-concessional caps.

Timing of the Notice of Intent to Claim for concessional contributions and the impact of enduring rollover insurance policies was also covered, as well as the estate equalisation impact of the removal of the anti-detriment payment.

Succession planning for businesses was covered; the right money to the right person at the right time.  So very important if you don't want to end up working with your newly deceased business partner's spouse.

There were also motivational speakers, including Daniel Flynn from Thankyou and Matina Jewell, a best-selling author, leadership expert and former UN Peacekeeper.  The common themes with both of these very inspirational people are that communication and devotion to your mission are the key to your success.  Both Daniel and Matina stumbled with roadblocks, but they picked themselves up and carried on.  Not everything will go to plan, but inaction will often lead to a worse outcome than not getting it quite right.

As a self-confessed geek, I can't wait to experience the learning curve at next years Convention.

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